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Teacher leadership is “the process by which teachers, individually or collectively, influence their colleagues, principals, and other members of the school community to improve teaching and learning practices with the aim of increased student learning and achievement.

Welcome to the Maine Department of Education’s Teach to Lead® website designed to share the work of Teach to Lead® Maine, a collaborative statewide effort uniting educators, policy-makers, and the greater community around the common vision that every Maine student will benefit from the purposeful involvement of teacher leaders who collaborate in guiding the continuous improvement of schools and the teaching profession.

Through background information, profiles of district teacher leadership models and a “Standards and Stories” section profiling Maine teacher leaders, this website provides a variety of resources to support stakeholders interested in developing, supporting and highlighting teacher leadership in their own organizations and communities.

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“It takes a team approach to run a school today. Responsibilities such as professional development, improving school culture and student learning are all areas that can be cultivated by teacher leaders who have a wealth of knowledge from working in the field, a long-term vision, and a passion to make their schools better.”

-Jennifer Dorman

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“Currently, the Teach-to-Lead® committee is gathering information from stakeholders about what is happening with teacher leadership at this time in Maine.  Profiles of teacher leadership success stories from across the state will be added to this website in the near future.”

-Karen MacDonald


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Director, Maine Schools for Excellence
Maine Department of Education

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